Organic Pumpkin Powder
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Organic Pumpkin Powder

Product name: Organic Pumpkin Powder
Other name: Pumpkin Flour
Appearance: loose powder, no agglomeration, no visible impurities
Color: pumpkin flesh color, orange yellow powder
Smell: natural fresh pumpkin flavor
Specification: 100-200 mesh
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

Organic pumpkin powder product description

Organic pumpkin powder is processed from pumpkin. Pumpkin also known as rice melon, golden melon and japanese gourd, is an annual herb of Cucurbitaceae. It contains a variety of amino acids, carotene, D vitamins, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, trigonelline, adenine, fat, glucose, pentosan and mannitol. In addition, it also contains some organic acids, inorganic salts, lutein, pectin and enzymes.

Organic pumpkin powder bulk function and application

1. Organic pumpkin powder is widely used in natural health nutrition, functional food, beverage, high-end flour and meat food additives and enhancers.

2. Organic pumpkin powder has the functions of relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation, imitating anti skin wrinkle and anti-cancer, contributing to human development and enhancing immunity in human body.

3. Organic pumpkin powder has obvious effect on preventing and treating diabetes.

4. Organic pumpkin powder contains a large number of SOJ factors, which can prolong life, maintain beauty and enrich skin, especially for women.