Oriental WorMwood Oil
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Oriental WorMwood Oil

Product Name: Oriental WorMwood Oil
Alias:Bacteria Chen oil;Capillary artemisia oil
Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid

Oriental wormwood oil source

The wormwood looks ordinary, but it is the famous king of liver protection. It has good protective effect on liver. It grows mostly in the mountains or in the sand and gravel on the river bank. Its leaves look like Artemisia annua with white back. After withering, the leaf stems regenerate from the old stems, so it is also known as Artemisia capillaris or Artemisia capillaris; There is another kind of bell-like plant, which is called "Rishan Yinchen" and also called "Cape Artemisia", which has the effect of repelling insects. In recent years, it has been cultivated artificially, and everything recovers in spring. Artemisia artemisia is harvested and processed during the seedling period. When the seedlings are 3~5 inches high, cut the whole grass or pick the tender leaves (too young too early, too late artemisia annua is not suitable for medicine), remove the impurities, and dry them in the air or in the sun. According to modern medical chemical analysis, the whole herb contains 0.23% of volatile oil, which is called Worm wood oil. The main components in the oil are pinen, Cokiin, etc., which are mostly diuretic drugs. Generally, it is effective for catarrhal jaundice, and is covered by its diuretic and bleeding toxic components.

Oriental wormwood oil main components

The oil contains artemisinin, acetophenone, artemisinin, folic acid, chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.

Oriental wormwood oil efficacy and function

1. Heat clearing and detoxication: Herba Artemisiae has the effect of clearing heat, removing dampness and removing jaundice for people who have adverse urination or jaundice due to fever.

2. Liver protection: Herba Artemisiae can protect the liver, especially for patients with hepatitis. Drinking Herba Artemisiae can increase the excretion of bile acid and bilirubin.

3. Lower blood pressure: people with high blood pressure, especially the elderly, can take Herba Artemisiae to lower blood pressure.

4. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Yinchen decoction can inhibit different types of bacteria to a certain extent.

5. Improve immunity: Herba Artemisiae can effectively promote the division of white blood cells, increase the number of white blood cells, improve the immune activity of T cells, participate in the immune regulation of the body and induce interferon, thus improving the immune function of the body in many ways.