Papaya Essence
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Papaya Essence

Product Name:Papaya essence

Papaya essence Introduction

Papaya is known as the "king of beneficial fruits". There are two major categories of papayas we speak of, namely, the rose family papayas and the tropical fruit papayas (papayas). Papaya can also be divided into edible and medicinal papaya.

Papaya essence Nutritive value

Papaya is rich in papain, vitamin C, B, calcium, phosphorus and minerals. It is nutritious. Its fruit contains a lot of carotene, protein, calcium salt, protease, lemon enzyme, etc. It can prevent and treat hypertension, nephritis, constipation, digestion and stomach diseases, promote metabolism and anti-aging, as well as beauty, skin care and beauty.

Papaya essence Edible efficacy

1. Spleen strengthening and digestion: papaya contains an enzyme that can digest protein, so it has the power of spleen strengthening and digestion.

2. Anti epidemic and pest killing: papaya contains papain and papain, so it can be used to kill insects and fight tuberculosis.

3. Supplement nutrition and improve disease resistance: Papaya can effectively supplement human nutrition and enhance the disease resistance of the body.

4. Anti spasticity: papain contained in the pulp of papaya has the effect of relieving spastic pain and has obvious therapeutic effect on gastrocnemius spasm.