Papaya Fruit Powder
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Papaya Fruit Powder

Prodcut name: Papaya Fruit Powder
Appearance: fine powder, loose powder, no agglomeration, no visible impurities
Color: Orange yellow
Specification: 80-100 mesh
Smell: Payaya variety flesh color
Moisture: ≤5%
Solubility: ≥92%
Product features: Good instant solubility. No preservatives, no pigments, no fragrances.


Organic papaya powder product description

Papaya powder is refined and processed from papaya fruit, a special tropical fruit in Guangxi and Yunnan. Papaya as also known as longevity fruit or milk melon. The fruit is rich in papain, chymotrypsin, carotene, protein, fructose, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and more than 17 kinds of amino acids. It is a nutrient rich "treasure of fruit" and a traditional recipe for breast-feeding women.

Dry papaya powder function and application

1. It has the effects of breast enhancement, endocrine regulation, prevention and treatment of hypertension, nephritis, constipation, digestion, stomach disease, skin care and beauty.

2. It can promote metabolism and anti-aging of human body.