Parsley Powder
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Parsley Powder

Product name: Parsley powder
Used part: the whole part
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Storage: Be sealed and shaded, and stored in a dry, cool, and well Ventilated
Shelf life: two years.

Organic parsley leaf powder description

Parsley has strong green color, strong flavor, rich nutrition and rich in trace elements such as selenium and iron. Parsley has the functions of refreshing, appetizing and enhancing human immunity. The roots and leaves of parsley can be used as vegetables.

Parsley root powder function and application

1. Parsley powder can calm the liver and reduce blood pressure. Parsley contains acidic antihypertensive components and has obvious antihypertensive effect on intravenous injection of rabbits and dogs. It is clinically effective for primary, gestational and menopausal hypertension.

2. Parsley powder can calm the nerves. It is an alkaline component isolated from celery seeds. It has a calming effect on animals and a stabilizing effect on human body.

3. Parsley powder can diuresis and detumescence celery contains diuretic active ingredients to eliminate water and sodium retention in the body, diuresis and detumescence.

4. Parsley powder can prevent cancer and fight cancer.

5. Parsley powder can nourish blood and replenish deficiency. Celery poweder has high iron content and can supplement women's menstrual blood loss. It can avoid pale, dry skin and dull complexion, and can make eyes and hair black and bright.

6. Eating parsley powder often helps to clear away heat, detoxify and strengthen the body.

7. Parsley powder is also an ideal green weight loss food.

Parsley powder raw material introduction

Parsley is a plant of the genus Parsley in the Umbelliferae family. It is native to the Mediterranean region. It has a long history of cultivation in Europe and can be found all over the world. Parsley likes cold and cool climates and is more cold-tolerant, but not heat-resistant. It likes humidity. It should grow in fertile soil or sandy soil with strong water retention and rich in organic matter, but avoid stagnant water.

The edible organs of parsley are mainly fresh and tender leaves and petioles. It is not only fragrant and rich, but also rich in nutrition. The fruits and leaves of parsley contain volatile essential oils, which can be extracted by distillation. Parsley essential oil contains flavonoids, which have diuretic and antiseptic properties. Chewing its leaves can eliminate bad breath and is a natural deodorant.