Passiflora extract top 5 benefits introduced at Herbkey
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Passiflora extract top 5 benefits introduced at Herbkey

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Passionflower is a popular natural herbal supplement known around the world for its calming and relaxing properties. Passionflower is a perennial climber that grows up to 30 feet long, native to the American continent and cultivated as a garden plant in Europe. Its flower is considered a symbol of the passion of Jesus Christ, from which it got its name. According to the determination, it is known that passion fruit contains more than 132 kinds of aromatic substances, it is one of the most aromatic fruits known in the world, and it has the reputation of "king of juice". It is most suitable for processing into fruit juice, or mixed with other fruits (such as mango, pineapple, guava, orange and apple, etc.) into mixed juice, which can significantly improve the taste and aroma of these fruit juices; it can also be used as ice cream (ice cream) juice additives, or as additives to other foods to enhance flavor and improve quality.

Best passion flower extract 5 health benefits

Passionflower has many health benefits that may help optimize your life. Millions of people around the world are affected by anxiety and insomnia. Passionflower may be a natural solution to these and other problems.

1. Relieve anxiety

One study of preoperative patients found that oral administration of passionflower reduced anxiety in patients before surgery. Researchers found that taking passionflower by mouth before outpatient surgery reduced anxiety in patients without the need for sedatives.

Another study found that using passionflower in patients diagnosed with generalized anxiety (GAD) was effective in relieving symptoms. The researchers compared the effects of passionflower with oxazepam, a common drug used to repair GAD. They concluded that both passionflower and oxazepam were effective in relieving GAD, and the effects of the two regimens were not significantly different. However, the oxazepam group had significantly more problems related to impaired work performance.

Traditional medical-grade use of passionflower for anxiety has a long history, and modern scientific research is supporting this use.

2. Sleepbest passion flower extract -Herbkey

Research has found that drinking passionflower tea can help improve sleep quality in healthy adults. In the study, participants drank purple passionflower for seven consecutive nights. After drinking passionflower tea for a week, participants reported improved sleep quality.

Another study using rats to test the effects of passionflower on sleep showed a significant increase in total sleep time. The researchers concluded that passionflower extract is a suitable sleep inducer.

Passiflora's ability to induce sleep is due to its ability to increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA may also help optimize sleep quality by reducing brain activity.


A psychiatric research center conducted a small study of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The researchers gave the children passionflower tablets for eight weeks. The results suggest that passionflower may be a novel therapeutic agent that may help relieve ADHD. Tolerable side effects are another benefit of passionflower, according to this study.

Considering the calming powers of passionflower, it's not hard to see why it could benefit a child or adult with ADHD. The sedative properties of passionflower can naturally manage ADHD and relieve symptoms associated with ADHD.

4. Gut Health

Passiflora cultivar with relaxing and calming properties is Passiflora incarnata, while two other cultivars of passionflower show gastrointestinal soothing properties.

So far, the benefits for gut health have only been demonstrated in rats, as no human studies have been published. Still, the findings show the promise of passionflower for digestive health.

Researchers used Passiflora serratodigitata extract to repair ulcers in rats with positive results. Likewise, Passiflora serratodigitata was found to help reduce ulcers in experimental mice.

5. Staghorn attack

In a clinical trial, a chemical was used to induce staghorn attacks in mice, and after the mice were given passionflower, an anticonvulsant effect was observed. More research is needed to support these findings, but they are promising indicators that passionflower may be a potential option for people with scleroderma.

Organic passion flower extract pharmacological effects

1. Anticancer activity

The stem and leaf extract of Passiflora quinquefolius has cytotoxic effect on mouse leukemia P388 cells, but the 4-hydroxy-2-cyclopentaenone contained in it also has cytotoxic effect on host mammalian cells (BSC).

2. Anti-anxiety and calming effect

After dissolving the ethanol dry extract in water, the supernatant was taken for intraperitoneal injection of mice. When the dose was 150mgkg-1, it was found that the water extract could alleviate the hyperexcitability induced by amphetamine and prolong the sleep time induced by barbiturates; When the dose is 75-150mgkg-1, it has analgesic effect.

3. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

Several studies have found that pasChemicalbooksicol contained in Passiflora genus has antibacterial and antifungal activity. P.edulis showed inhibitory activity against Microsprumgyseum, Chrysosporiumtropicum and Trichophytonterretre.

4. Antitussive effect

P.incarnata has a good inhibitory effect on SO2-induced cough in mice. Its extract can reduce dependence on cough medicines.

5. Antioxidant activity

Because passionflower is rich in polyphenols, it exhibits strong antioxidant activity in both in vivo and in vitro experiments. Its extract can attenuate iron-induced cell death in vivo in mice.

Pink passiflora incarnata extract application in cosmetics

Pink passionflower extract, the English name is PASSIFLORA INCARNATA EXTRACT. Pink passionflower extract is mainly used as a skin conditioner in cosmetics and skin care products, with a risk factor of 1, which is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. It generally has no effect on pregnant women, and pink passionflower extract has no acne-causing properties.

Pink Passiflora Extract has calming properties, beautifying skin care. It's commonly used in health products, cosmetics, etc.