Pear Fruit Powder
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Pear Fruit Powder

Product name: Pear fruit powder
Appearance: Light brown yellow powder
Specification: 80 mesh
Smell: Natural pear flavor
Solubility: ≥ 98%
Moisture: ≤ 5%
Storage: Sealed and protected from light, and stored at room temperature.
Shelf life: 24 months.

Dried pear powder description

Pear powder is a health food made of fresh pears processed by advanced technology and then ground into powder, pretreated, mixed, tableted, inspected and packaged according to a certain proportion. It has the functions of promoting digestion, preventing and curing diseases, increasing immunity, anti-aging and other health care and treatment. It completely retains the nutritional ingredients of pears, better promotes the metabolism of human body, and reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Organic pear powder function and application

1. Moistening lung and clearing dryness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, nourishing blood and generating muscle. Pear fruit powder has the functions of moistening lung and clearing dryness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, nourishing blood and generating muscle. Therefore, it has good effects on dry throat, itching, pain, hoarseness and thick phlegm.

2. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Pear fruit powder is rich in dietary fiber and is the best gastrointestinal "cleaner".

3. Protect the liver. Pear fruit powder are suitable for people who drink alcohol. They contain more sugars and vitamins and have a certain protective effect on the liver. They are especially suitable for people who drink alcohol.

4. Pear fruit powder can help the kidney excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

5. Promote appetite and help digestion. Pear fruit powder can promote appetite, help digestion, and have diuretic, defecating and antipyretic effects. They can be used to supplement water and nutrition in high fever.

Pear fruit powder eating method

It can be used for cooking Congee for seasoning, flushing fruit juice, making cakes and bread, moon cake filling, children's nutritional supplement, patients' liquid food, making ice cream, jelly pudding, etc.