Peppermint Pure Essential Oil
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Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

Name: Peppermint oil
CAS No.: 8006-90-4
Boiling point: 215°C(lit.)
Density: 0.9g/ml at 25°C (lit.)
Refractive: n20/D1. 461(lit.)
Color: Pale yellow
Odor: Mint odor
Storage conditions: 2-8°C

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil description

Mint is a common medicinal plant. Its history in the medical pharmacopoeia dates back thousands of years to Greek times. It has anti-spasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, congestive and antioxidant properties. So far, peppermint oil is the most commonly used oil. It is mainly extracted by distillation from the stems, leaves and flowers of peppermint. Due to its special spicy and fresh taste and the cooling sensation after use, it is commonly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, personal hygiene products and food.

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil function and application

1. It is mainly used in toothpaste, tooth powder and other oral hygiene products, as well as some drugs used for cooling, dispelling wind, anti-inflammation, analgesia and excitement. It can also be used in after-shave products, cosmetics, tobacco and food.

2. Used for essence and as a stimulant in medicine.

3. It is often used with peppermint oil in toothpaste, candy, wine, tobacco and mouthwash.

4. It can be used in cool drinks, wine, gum and bubble gum (the dosage can reach 6%).