Phellodendron Chinense Extract
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Phellodendron Chinense Extract

Product Name:Phellodendron chinense extract
Extraction source: the dry bark of Rutaceae Phellodendron or Phellodendron bark
Main ingredient: Berberine
Appearance:Brown powder

Phellodendron amurense bark extract introduction

Phellodendron chinense extract is extracted from the dry bark of Phellodendron bark or Phellodendron bark. Cortex Phellodendron is also known as Cortex Phellodendron, Yuanbai, Berberis wood, and Berberis bark, and its main component is berberine. Used as a bittering agent. It has anti-microbial and protozoa, antihypertensive, anti-adrenaline-like effects, relaxes vascular smooth muscle, excites the uterus, bladder, bronchus, gastrointestinal tract, choleretic and excites the cerebral cortex.

Characters of extracts from Phellodendron chinensis

Phellodendron chinensis is lamellar or shallow groove shape, with different lengths and widths and thickness of 3~ 6mm. The outer surface is yellowish brown or yellowish brown, flat or with longitudinal grooves, some visible skin holes and residual gray brown coarse skin. Inner surface dark yellow or light brown, with fine longitudinal ribbed. Light body, hard quality, section fibrous, is split sheet stratification, deep yellow. The gas is small, the taste is bitter, and the chewing is sticky. The thickness of Phellodendron officinalis is 2~ 4mm. The outer surface is yellowish-green or light brownish yellow, relatively flat, with irregular longitudinal cracks, small and rare hole marks, occasionally gray coarse skin residue. Inner surface yellow or yellowish brown. The body is light, the quality is hard, the section is bright yellow or yellow green.

Phellodendron amurense extract chemical composition

It mainly contains about berberine, and also contains tetrandrine palmatine, cortex phellodendron, jatrorrhizine, phellodendron, kurrinine, cochinealine, magnolanine, limonin, etc.

Phellodendron root powder functional indications

Clear heat and dry dampness, purge fire and remove steam, detoxify and cure sores. It is used for damp-heat diarrhea, jaundice, diarrhea, heat drenching, beriberi, bone steaming, sweating, spermatorrhea, sores, swelling, and itching of eczema. Salt cypress nourishes yin and reduces fire. It is used for yin deficiency, excessive fire, night sweat and bone steaming.