Pine Bark Extract 
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Pine Bark Extract 

Product name: pine bark extract
Used Part: Dry bark
CAS No.:133248-87-0
Active Ingredient: Proanthocyanidin OPC
Specification: 95%
Extraction method: Solvent extraction
Appearance: Red to reddish brown powder

Pine bark extract product description

Pine bark extract is a kind of substance extracted from pine bark. Pine bark peeled from trees is collected, spread and extracted. It contains a large number of compounds called OPCS (procyanidin oligomers).

Pine bark extract powder function and application

1. Pine bark extract can alleviate and treat cardiovascular diseases, inhibit inflammation, repair arteriosclerosis, etc.

2. Pine bark extract helps to improve vision and retinopathy caused by aging.

3. Pine bark extract can effectively prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease.

4. Pine bark extract strengthens collagen and elastin in the skin, thus preventing wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity.