Pine Tree Bark Extract
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Pine Tree Bark Extract

Product name: Pine Tree Bark Extract
Specification: 95%
Latin Name: Pinus massoniana
Specification:80 Mesh
Test Method:UV
Active Ingredient:proanthocyanidins

Pine tree extract product description

Pine Bark Extract is prepared from the bark of the pine tree. It is made from the bark of the Massoniana pine tree, which contains naturally occurring oligomeric proanthocyanidins, a class of antioxidants that give pine bark its color. Pine bark is used worldwide for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its health-related benefits.

Pine tree bark extract function and application

1. Pine Bark Extract helps strengthen capillaries, stabilize blood vessel walls, and slow down or repair atherosclerosis.

2. Pine Bark Extract helps to improve eyesight and other eye disease problems.

3. Pine Bark Extract can effectively prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease.

4. Pine Bark Extract has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.