Pineapple Extract Powder
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Pineapple Extract Powder

Product name:Pineapple Powder
Used part:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Vitamins, Fructose
Specification:80 Mesh
Extraction method:TLC
Appearance:Yellow Powder

Pineapple Extract Powder description

Pineapple powder is a kind of health food made of fresh pineapple processed by advanced technology and then ground into powder, pretreated, mixed, tested and packaged according to a certain proportion.

Pineapple Extract Powder function and application

It has the effects of clearing heat and relieving summer heat, generating fluid to quench thirst and promoting urination. It can be used for diseases such as heat injury, body heat and thirst, abdominal stuffiness, indigestion, adverse urination, dizziness and so on.