Polyglutamic Acid Powder
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Polyglutamic Acid Powder

Product name: Polyglutamic Acid powder
CAS No.: 25513-46-6
Chemical formula: L-Glu-(L-Glu)n-L-Glu
Appearance:White crystalline powder

Pure polyglutamic acid product description

Gamma-poly-glutamic acid (y-PGA) is a mucoadhesive amino acid polymer, which was first discovered in natto and can be produced by microbial fermentation. Its structure is a polymer in which glutamic acid units form peptide bonds through α-amino and γ-carboxyl groups. It is divided into two sizes according to molecular weight: high molecular weight (HM) of about 1000 kDa and low molecular weight (LM) of about 10 kDa. Polyglutamic acid is generally in the form of sodium salt.

Polyglutamic acid function and application

1. Polyglutamic acid can significantly inhibit the formation of melanin.

2. Polyglutamic acid can be used for skin moisturizing and increasing skin elasticity.

3. Polyglutamic acid can enhance the color fastness after hair dyeing.