Polyglutamic Acid R PGA
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Polyglutamic Acid R PGA

Product name: Polyglutamic Acid
CAS No.:25513-46-6
Molecular Formula: L-Glu-(L-Glu)n-L-Glu
Appearance: White Powder

Pga polyglutamic acid product description

Polyglutamic acid (Gamma-PGA), also known as natto gum. It is a macromolecular polymer found in natto. It is water soluble, has good water retention, and is smooth but not greasy.

Polyglutamic acid characteristics

1. Polyglutamic acid is non-toxic to human body and environment, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

2. Polyglutamic acid has water-soluble property and can be obtained as an odorless, clean and transparent solution.

3. Polyglutamic acid is easy to cross-link to form hydrogels with excellent performance at a later stage.

4 Polyglutamic acid can be made into sodium, calcium, magnesium and hydrogen types.