Polygonatum Extract
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Polygonatum Extract

Product Name:Polygonatum Extract
Alias: Polygonatum sibiricum Extract
Appearance:Brown yellow powder
Extraction site: rhizome
Usage: Medical and health products, beverage and food additives, etc.

Polygonatum odoratum extract introduction

Polygonatum extract is the dried rhizome extract of Polygonatum kingianum Coll. et Hemsl., Polygonatum sibiricum Red. or Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua, which contains Polygonatum polysaccharides and amino acids. It is commonly used in the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, drug poisoning and deafness.

Polygonatum extract main components

Polygonatum mainly contains polygonatum polysaccharide A, B, C, polygonatum oligosaccharides A, B, C and steroidal saponins. It also contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids such as lysine, zinc, iron, selenium, nicotinic acid, mucus, starch, and quinones.

1. Mucopolysaccharide: the content of crude polygonatum mucopolysaccharide is 11.74%, and the content of polygonatum mucopolysaccharide is 3.77%. Polygonatum contains a lot of mucus. Polygonatum polysaccharides A, B and C are condensed from glucose, mannan and galacturonic acid; It also contains polygonatum oligosaccharides A, B and C, which are condensed from glucose and fructose. Polygonatum polygonatum polysaccharide is the main effective ingredient of polygonatum polygonatum, which can effectively improve the SOD activity of cells in the human body and the immunity of the body. SOD can clear the peroxide anion, reduce the peroxide deposition in the body, fight cancer, anti-aging, reduce blood lipids, etc.

2. Steroidal saponins: Rhizoma Polygonatum contains steroidal saponins, including two furosenol saponins and two spirostenol saponins.

3. Others: Polygonatum also contains quinones, starch and nicotinic acid; 6 kinds of essential amino acids and 8 kinds of essential trace elements. The root contains Azetidine ‐ 2 ‐ carboxylic acid, Aspartic acid, Homoserine, Diaminobutyric acid, Digitalis glycoside and a variety of anthraquinone compounds. Its leaves contain vitexin xyloside and 5,4 ˊ‐ Glycosides of dihydroxyflavones. The rhizome of Polygonatum sibiricum contains 70.3% water-soluble neutral glucomannan. The underground part of Rhizoma Polygonatum contains diosgenin β‐ Sitosterol( β‐ Sitosterol).

Polygonatum extract powder pharmacological action

1. Microbial effect of disease resistance

In vitro tests showed that the water extract of polygonatum sibiricum (1 ∶ 320) had an inhibitory effect on typhoid bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and acid fast bacillus, and 2% polygonatum sibiricum had an inhibitory effect on common pathogenic fungi to varying degrees in Sabouraud's medium.

2. Effect on blood sugar

The blood sugar content of Huangjing extract was gradually increased and then decreased in rabbits after gavage. Huangjing extract significantly inhibited hyperglycemia induced by adrenaline.

3. Anti fatigue effect

Huangjing decoction (17.67% concentration, 0.3ml/mouse) can prolong the swimming time of mice by intraperitoneal injection.

4. Antioxidant effect

The concentration of Huangjing decoction (20%), 13 ml/mouse, for 27 consecutive days, increased the activity of liver superoxide dismutase (SOD) and decreased the content of myocardial lipofuscin.

5. Anti aging effect

Huangjing decoction, soaked in mulberry leaves at 20% concentration, can prolong the larval stage of silkworm.

6. Hemostasis

The methanol extract of polygonatum flavescens is 40mg/mouse, the n-butanol part is 20mg/mouse, and the aqueous layer part is 20mg/mouse. It is injected intraperitoneally to freeze the tail of mice with dry ice methanol for 1 minute. The tail cutting experiment shows that it has hemostatic effect and reduces the amount of bleeding in mice.

7. Effect on cardiovascular system

Huangjing water extract 0.16-0.26g/kg was injected intravenously, which significantly increased the coronary flow in anesthetized dogs; 1.5 g/kg intravenous injection can antagonize myocardial ischemia of rabbits caused by pituitrin, antagonize the increase of T wave caused by pituitrin, and promote the abnormal recovery of T wave; 12g/kg intraperitoneal injection can enhance the tolerance of mice to hypoxia.

8. Antiviral effect

The 0.2% polygonatum polysaccharide eye drops, 6 times/day, or 10 mg/kg polygonatum polysaccharide added, 2 times/day, have therapeutic effects on experimental herpes simplex keratitis in rabbits.

9. Hypolipidemic effect

The extracts of petroleum ether, ethanol and water from Polygonatum sibiricum Thunb. can reduce the serum TC and TG of male SD rats in varying degrees compared with the control group, and the extracts of ethanol and water can significantly reduce the serum TC and TG.

Immune enhancement Huangjing can promote hemolytic plaque number, rosette formation rate and lymphocyte transformation rate in mice. In clinical practice, the extract of polygonatum sibiricum can increase the lymphocyte transformation and E-rosette ring formation rate of some patients with low immune function. Kangbao oral liquid, which mainly uses polygonatum sibiricum, can also promote the DNA synthesis of human blood lymphocytes and the proliferation rate of T lymphocytes, so as to improve the immune function of lymphocytes and significantly enhance the phagocytosis of macrophages.

10. Immune enhancement

Huangjing extract can increase lymphocyte transformation and E-rosette ring formation rate in some patients with low immune function. Kangbao oral liquid, which is mainly composed of Huangjing, can also promote the DNA synthesis of human blood lymphocytes and the proliferation rate of T lymphocytes, so as to improve the immune function of lymphocytes and significantly enhance the phagocytosis of macrophages.

11. Effect on cardiovascular system

Intravenous administration of yellow semen in dogs increased coronary flow, but had no significant effect on heart rate, arterial pressure and myocardial utilization rate; Intravenous injection can antagonize acute myocardial ischemia caused by pituitrin in rabbits; Perfusion of isolated rabbit heart can enhance coronary flow; Intraperitoneal injection can enhance the hypoxia tolerance of mice. Huangjing can increase the nutritional blood flow of the myocardium of mice, and has a cardiotonic effect on isolated normal and failed toad hearts. By intraperitoneal injection of Huangjing wine extract into mice, it can promote the incorporation of thymidine into cardiac DNA. Some studies have shown that Huangjing can significantly promote the recovery of hemopoietic function inhibition caused by 60 Co irradiation in animals.

12. Other functions

Huangjing decoction can increase the activity of Na+, K+- ATPase in erythrocyte membrane of mice by gavage. 40% polygonatum alcohol extract 0.3mg/mouse intraperitoneal injection can increase the incorporation rate of 3H TdR into the cell DNA of myocardium, liver and spleen of mice. The content of cAMP and cGMP in the plasma of the mice was decreased by intragastric administration of Huangjing decoction (0.5g/mouse), and the cGMP was decreased more, so the cAMP/cGMP ratio was higher than that of the control group, and the cAMP and cGMP content in the spleen tissue were increased, but the cAMP/cGMP ratio had no significant change.