Bee Propolis Extract Powder
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Bee Propolis Extract Powder

Product Name: Propolis Powder

Bee Propolis Extract Powder description

Propolis powder uses modern technology to dry the wax free purified propolis flow extract by hot air. The dried propolis block is crushed and screened, and then the anticoagulant ultra-fine silica is added to the propolis.

Bee Propolis Extract Powder function and application

Food: at present, the health food industry is rising, and the efficacy of propolis powder is widely known. Therefore, 30% - 90% of Propolis tablets, propolis capsules, propolis liquid, propolis tincture and a series of health food are used!

Medicine: it has played a very good role in improving immunity, preventing tumor, anti-oxidation, protecting liver, lowering blood lipid, lowering blood sugar, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, various skin diseases, digestive and urinary system diseases, bronchitis, anti-tumor, oral ulcer and so on!

Daily chemical products: flavonoids, flavonols, terpenes, enzymes, vitamins, polyphenols, polysaccharides, resins, organic acids and other effective substances in propolis are widely used in the fields of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory toothpaste, antibacterial soap and cosmetics.