Prunella Vulgaris Extract
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Prunella Vulgaris Extract

Product Name:Prunella vulgaris Extract
Medicinal part: fruit ear
Appearance:Brownish yellow powder


Prunella vulgaris extract introduction

Prunella vulgaris extract is the water or alcohol extract of Prunella vulgaris ear, and its main active components are triterpenoids such as oleanolic acid. It has the effects of clearing the liver and purging fire, clearing heat and dispersing nodules.

Prunella extract source

Prunella vulgaris is a perennial herb with creeping rhizomes and fibrous roots on nodes. The stem is up to 30 cm high, with many branches at the base and light purple. Calyx bell-shaped, filaments slightly flat, style slender, apex lobes subulate, outwardly curved. The disk is nearly flat. The small nut is yellow-brown, flowering from April to June, and fruiting from July to October.

Prunella vulgaris powder active ingredient

The whole plant contains triterpenoid saponins and its aglycone is oleanolic acid. It also contains free oleanolic acid, ursolic acid, rutin, hyperoside, ciscaffeic acid, trans caffeic acid, tannin, volatile oil, a small amount of alkaloids and water-soluble salts (mainly potassium chloride). Anthocyanins, d-camphor, d-anisinone, etc. containing delphinidin and cyanidin in the flower spike.