Pure Glycolic Acid Powder
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Pure Glycolic Acid Powder

Product name: Pure Glycolic Acid Powder
Specification: 70%-99%
Appearance: White Crystal Powder
Specification: 80 Mesh
CAS No.:79-14-1
EINECS No.: 201-180-5
Molecular Formula: C2H4O3
Molecular Weight: 76.05

Glycolic acid powder description

Glycolic acid is an organic compound, colorless and easily deliquescent crystal. It is soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, and ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in ether, and insoluble in hydrocarbons. It has the dual properties of alcohol and acid, and decomposes when heated to the boiling point. Used in organic synthesis, etc.

Glycolic acid powder preparation method

1. Reaction of chloroacetic acid with sodium hydroxide, esterification with methanol under the action of sulfuric acid, hydrolysis, and recovery of methanol by vacuum distillation to obtain a finished product of glycolic acid.

2. Hydroxyacetic acid is synthesized by condensation of formaldehyde and carbon oxide in the presence of acidic catalysts such as sulfuric acid or boron trifluoride under a pressure of about 70 MPa and a high temperature of 160-200 ℃.

Glycolic acid powder purpose

1. The raw material for organic synthesis can be used to produce ethylene glycol. Hydroxyacetic acid is mainly used as a cleaning agent. It can produce fiber dyeing agents, detergents, welding agent ingredients, varnish ingredients, copper etchants, adhesives, petroleum demulsifiers, metal chelating agents, etc; Sodium and potassium salts of glycolic acid are used as additives in electroplating solutions. Other uses include electrolytic grinding, metal pickling, leather dyeing, and tanning agents. It can also be used as a chemical analysis reagent.

2. As a cleaning agent, it can fully react with rust, calcium salt, magnesium salt, etc. in the equipment to achieve the purpose of scale removal. It is easy to remove calcium carbonate scale and iron scale, with good treatment effect. The corrosivity to the material is very low, and there is no precipitation of organic iron acid during cleaning. Chemical cleaning with glycolic acid is less dangerous and easy to operate.

3. Used in organic synthesis and printing and dyeing industries.

4. Used for sterilization of soap.

5. Hydroxyacetic acid is used as a complexing agent for electroless nickel plating to improve the quality of the plating layer. It can also be used as an additive for other electroplating or electroless plating.