Purple Corn Extract Powder Anthocyanidins
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Purple Corn Extract Powder Anthocyanidins

Product Name:Purple Corn Extract Powder Anthocyanidins 10%

Purple corn

Purple corn, a native plant in the Andes, it has extremely high phenolic compounds and anthocyanins.

Purple corn extract

The deep purple of purple corn comes from anthocyanin, an antioxidant. Recent studies have found that the antioxidant components of purple corn have health effects. Most of the food and beverage products containing purple corn ingredients use purple corn extract.

Purple corn extract powder anthocyanidins key values

1. Food value

According to the inspection of China Agricultural Grain Quality Supervision and Testing Center, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 21 kinds of microelements and vitamins necessary for human body, as well as natural pigments. It is especially rich in anti-cancer element selenium, intelligence enhancing element zinc, iron and calcium. It also tastes very good, soft and tender, with thin, slippery and slightly sticky skin, and a special fragrance, Therefore, the food processed from purple corn is a kind of superior natural delicious nutritious health food.

2. Medical value

The pigment of purple corn has the effect of inhibiting cancer.

Difference from yellow corn

The color of corn is different, and the health care effect is slightly different: purple corn and red corn have more anthocyanins, so the anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects are slightly better; Yellow corn contains carotene and riboflavin, which is good for maintaining healthy vision; The health care effect of white corn is relatively poor, but it is not easy to deteriorate.