Purple Sweet Potato Extract Powder
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Purple Sweet Potato Extract Powder

Product name: Purple sweet potato extract powder
Cas No.: 74-79-3
Appearance: pueple powder
Specification: 99%
Shelf life: 12 months.

Dehydrated purple sweet potato powder product description

Fresh purple potato powder is a kind of powder prepared from purple potato, it is widely used in food processing industry, often used as flavor enhancer, fruit and vegetable powder, flavor enhancer, etc.

Purple sweet potato flour function and application

1. Purple potato powder is widely used in the baking industry, the more common ones in the market are purple potato bread, purple potato toast, purple potato cookies, purple potato anhydrous cake and purple potato cookies.

2. Purple potato powder can also be added as a raw material in solid drinks, such as purple potato milk tea, purple potato soy milk and other coarse food drinks.