Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

Safety and quality are the top priorities of Huike. Huike strictly controls the incoming of raw materials, production process control, quality control of solvents and auxiliary materials used, and the quality control of final products in strict accordance with the requirements of CGMP.
At the same time, Huike has established QEHS management system, which organically combines quality, environment, health and safety, so that Huike's quality management has risen to the international level.
Huike quality control laboratory covers an area of 500 square meters. Its functional areas are: physical and chemical experimental area, precision instrument area and biochemical test area. There are more than 200 precision instruments and test equipment, which can realize the detection of content detection, moisture and ash, solvent residue, pesticide residue, heavy metal residue, microbiological limit and pathogenic bacteria limit, and can meet the quality control requirements of plant extracts, food additives, fruit and vegetable powder, etc.
The company has a perfect quality assurance system. We implement strict quality control standards and have passed the certification for the ISO9001 Quality Management System. The Quality Management Department is equipped with many sets of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments, ultraviolet spectrophotometers (UV), several spectropolarimeters, a gas chromatograph (GC), melting point apparatus, and other advanced testing and experimental equipment. We make a detailed division of labor for technology research, and for quality assurance and quality control, so that we can conduct effective and comprehensive quality control in the production process. This also allows us to make comprehensive detection analysis of final products, thus ensuring products quality.