Rattan Law Oil
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Rattan Law Oil

Product Name: Rattan Law oil
Appearance:Brown oily liquid

Rattan law oil description

The extraction methods of rattan law oil include solvent extraction and supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction.

Solvent extraction method: the main components of rattan pepper fruit are lipophilic substances, most of which can be dissolved in non-polar organic solvents such as cyclohexane and acetone, and then extracted from rattan pepper shell. Therefore, a good extraction rate can be obtained by selecting an appropriate solvent.

Supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction method: it uses the fluid to have abnormal phase equilibrium behavior and transfer performance with the solute in the mixture to be separated in the supercritical region near the critical point, and the solute solubility changes within a relatively wide range with the change of pressure and temperature. Using this supercritical fluid as a solvent, the components to be separated can be extracted from the liquid or solid mixture.

Rattan law oil function and application

1. It is used as the fragrance material of salty essence.

2. It is used in all kinds of food with prominent rattan pepper flavor, such as meat products, composite seasonings, convenient fabric bags, puffed food, fish balls, dumplings and meat balls.