Resins Aquilaria Agallocha Extract
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Resins Aquilaria Agallocha Extract

Product Name: Resins, Aquilaria agallocha
CAS NO.:94350-09-1
EINECS NO.: 305-227-1
Raw material: aloe
Efficacy: treat stomach cold, abdominal distension and asthma

Resins, Aquilaria agallocha description

The essential oil of agarwood is refined from precious agarwood after distillation and extraction. It is the essence of agarwood. The essential oil of agarwood has multiple effects on human body, such as improving qi field, relieving pressure, sleeping and resisting depression, recuperating body and mind, and promoting body metabolism. Add a few drops of agarwood essential oil into the hot water of soaking feet to activate blood channels and remove beriberi and foot odor. Due to the non-renewable nature of natural agaric, the refined agaric oil is even more rare and precious.

Resins, Aquilaria agallocha main ingredient

Furanic aldehydes, furanic aldehydes, furanic alcohols, arboric aldehydes, arboric acids, dihydrokaranone and beta-agarwood furan.

Resins, Aquilaria agallocha extraction method

The CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction method of essential oil is usually referred to as CO2 extraction or supercritical. In short, CO2 extraction is through pressurized carbon dioxide until it becomes a critical point of liquid extraction. Critical extraction can be carried out near room temperature (35 - 40 ℃) and under the cover of CO2 gas, effectively preventing the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, when extracting the essential oil of agarwood, it can maintain the effective ingredients of medicine, and extract the substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis in agarwood at a temperature far below its boiling point. No residue Extracting agarwood essential oil with supercritical fluid extraction technology is the cleanest extraction method. Since no organic solvent is used in the whole process, there is no residual solvent in the extract, thus preventing the existence of harmful substances to human body and environmental pollution during the extraction process, and ensuring 100% pure nature.

Resins, Aquilaria agallocha purpose

The agarwood essential oil can be directly used for offering sacrifices to Buddha, or smeared on prayer beads to achieve the effect of maintenance, or smeared on practitioners to calm and refresh their minds. Li Shizhen once praised its important position in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a good medicine for treating stomach cold, abdominal distension, asthma and kidney deficiency. The important role played by aloes can be seen.

1. Incense

Relieve tension, make people happy physically and mentally, promote sleep, and achieve the effect of health preservation.

2. Bath massage

When bathing, drop a drop into the bathtub to relieve pressure. When massaging, mix 1:10 with basic base oil, and cooperate with massage techniques to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

3. Direct application

The agarwood essential oil has obvious analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The wound will not become red and inflamed, and it has a wonderful effect of removing scars. However, due to different physical conditions, if you feel unwell, you should still use it under the advice of a doctor.