Rhizoma Typhonii Extract
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Rhizoma Typhonii Extract

Product name: Rhizoma Typhonii Extract
Latin Name: Typhonium giganteum Engl.
CAS No.:92202-43-2
Specification: 70-80 Mesh
Appearance: Light Yellow Fine Powder
Used Part: Root&stem
Grade: Pharmaceutical

Rhizoma typhonii extract description

Rhizoma typhonii is a common Chinese herbal medicine. It comes from the perennial herb of Araceae, unicorn lotus. Its authentic medicinal materials are produced in Yuzhou, Henan Province, so it is also called yubaifu. Modern research shows that aconite can promote skin metabolism, diminish inflammation and help eliminate color spots, so it is usually used for external treatment of acne and chloasma.

Rhizoma typhonii introduction

Rhizoma typhonii, a traditional Chinese medicine name. The dried tuber of the Araceae plant Typhonium giganteum Engl. Harvest in autumn, remove fibrous roots and skin, and dry in the sun. It has the effects of dispelling wind and phlegm, calming convulsions, detoxifying and dispersing nodules, and relieving pain.

Rhizoma typhonii extract function  and application

1. Rhizoma typhonii has β- Sitosterol, glucoside, inositol, mucilaginous substance, ginsenoside, etc. It can remove facial pigments, whiten the skin, and have the actual effect of treating and preventing acne, freckles, rashes, etc.

2. It has a strong pain relieving effect, and can be used to treat headache caused by liver heat and phlegm, dizziness, hemiplegia and other head and face discoMolecular Formulaort.