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Rhodiola Extract Bulk

Product name: Rhodiola Extract
Botanical name: Rhodiola Rosea rosea L.
Grade:Food Grade
Appearance: brown powder
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage: Store in cool and dry place

Rhodiola crenulata extract product description

Rhodiola extract is the extract from the root of Rhodiola, which is sweet and bitter. The main ingredients are salidroside, tyrosol and losevir, which have the effects of enhancing immune function, protecting cardio cerebrovascular and anti-cancer and anti depression.

Rhodiola crenulata root extract function and application

1. Rhodiola extract can enhance immune function.

2. Rhodiola extract can effectively reduce or remove the depressive symptoms of 65% of patients.

3. Rhodiola extract can alleviate the damage of cardiovascular tissue caused by stress.

4. Rhodiola has effective antioxidant capacity.

5. By limiting the adverse effects of free radical injury, it can effectively resist diseases caused by aging.