Rhodiola Extract
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Rhodiola Extract

Product name: Rhodiola Extract
Specification: 3% 1%
Latin Name: Rhodiola rosea Linn.
Used Part: Root
Appearance: brown
Test Method: HPLC TLC
CAS No.:10338-51-9
Molecular Formula:C14H20O7
Molecular Weight:300.304

Rhodiola crenulata extract product description

Rhodiola extract is the extract from the root of Rhodiola sachalinensis, with sweet smell and bitter taste. The main ingredients are salidroside, tyrosol and losavir, which have the effects of enhancing immune function, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, anticancer and antidepressant.

Rhodiola crenulata root extract function  and application

1. When rhodiola extract is added to skin care products, it can increase the oxygen content of blood, promote the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen, and thus achieve the effect of activating blood.

2. Rhodiola extract has certain anti-bacterial effects, as well as certain analgesic and astringent effects. Therefore, the use of skin care products containing this ingredient can repair and protect damaged skin cells. It can also improve and prevent common skin acne and inflammation, and make our skin healthier.