Brown Rice Protein Powder
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Brown Rice Protein Powder

Product Name: Rice Protein Powder
Used Part: Whole Rice
Active Ingredient: Protein
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Specification: min50%
Test Method: kjeldah method
Mesh:100 pass 80 mesh
Drying Method:Spray drying
Packing:1kg/bag; 25kg/drum
Application: nutritional supplement and meal replacement food

Brown Rice Protein Powder description

Rice protein powder refers to the powdery material formed by the protein extracted from rice after powder distillation, purification, drying and other processing.

Rice protein powder is an important product of rice deep processing. According to its protein content and solubility, it can be divided into feed grade rice protein powder, edible grade rice protein powder and rice protein peptide.

Rice protein is mainly composed of albumin, globulin, alcohol soluble protein and glutenin. Rice protein has reasonable amino acid composition and high amino acid content. It is recognized as a high-quality edible protein. Rice protein powder has broad prospects for developing into infant food and high-end food because of its high nutritional value and low allergy.

Brown Rice Protein Powder application

1. Bioactive peptides of rice protein

2. Nutritional supplements

3. Food additives

4. Edible film