Rose Powder
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Rose Powder

Product name: Rose Powder
Botanical name: Rosa rugosa Thunb.
Appearance:Pink to violet Powder
Used part:Flower
Test Method:TLC
Grade:Food Grade
Specification: 80 mesh
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Natural rose powder product description

Rose powder is made from rose petals that are purified and concentrated by membrane technology and then dried by vacuum freeze drying. It keeps the nutritional materials, color effect and other effective ingredients of rose intact. The product is easily soluble in water, dilute ethanol, insoluble in oil and acetone solvents. Under acidic conditions, the aqueous solution is purple-red and stable in color.

Organic rose powder function and application

1. Rose powder has the functions of regulating blood, soothing liver and relieving depression, reducing fat and weight, moisturizing and beautifying skin, etc. Especially for women with menstrual pain and irregular menstruation. It also has the effects of whitening, moisturizing, beautifying and regulating menstruation.

2. Rose powder contains a lot of amino acids, many of which are essential nutritional elements for human body. At the same time, it can improve human immunity in the process of application, and also has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on tumor patients.

3. Rose powder can also eliminate fatigue, regulate endocrine and help digestion. It is good for nourishing liver, stomach and clearing toxins in the body.