Roselle Extract Powder Relevant Knowledge
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Roselle Extract Powder Relevant Knowledge

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Roselle extract is extracted from the flower of roselle, a plant of Malvaceae family. It has the functions of calming the liver and reducing fire, clearing away heat and inflammation, promoting fluid and thirst, lowering blood pressure and fat, refreshing the brain and calming the nerves, and eliminating free radicals.

Roselle Extract Powder Introduction

Roselle is a new food and food industry. Its calyx can be used to make candied fruits, jam, high-grade drinks, cold drinks, soda, iced tea, hot tea, ice cream, ice cream, canned food, fruit wine, sparkling wine, champagne wine, pastry fillings, roselle tofu and other foods. Rich in vitamin C, it is also a nutrient for the elderly and children. The bright rose pigment of calyx is a colorant in food. Tasty and palatable, it is a high-quality drink for clearing away heat and relieving heat in summer. At present, cold drinks, soda, sparkling wine, raw leaves, canned toner, eggplant crystal, sugar tea are the main products in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Kunming and Guangzhou.Roselle Extract Powder for sale herb-key

Roselle Plant Morphology

Distribution of plant resources: Roselle is an annual herb or perennial shrub of hibiscus genus in Malvaceae family, which grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Originated in West Africa, India and Malaya, it is rich in tropical areas in southern Mexico. The local people often pick its stamens and make tea after drying. It is distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan and Yunnan in China, and cultivated in the south of Yunnan.

Roselle Extract Active Ingredient

Roselle is rich in protein, organic acids, Vc amino acids, a large amount of natural pigments and a variety of minerals. Fresh calyx contains 0.93% Vc, 0.21% VB, 0.45% protein, 1.34% ash, and 1.39% pectin , water 87.86%, carotene 0.01%, starch 1.76%, sugar (calculated by glucose) 2.55%, dry calyx contains total anthocyanin (pigment) 1%~1.5%, citric acid and hibiscus acid and other organic acids 10%~ 15%, reducing sugar 16%, protein 3.5%~7.9%, other non-nitrogenous substances 25%, fiber 11%, ash 12% and about 1% of 17 kinds of amino acids. In addition, Roselle extract contains reducing sugars, glycosides, phenols, a small amount of alkaloids and resins.

Roselle Flower Powder Product Usage

Hibiscus acid in roselle is considered to have a certain effect on the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc., and it can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

Researchers have recently discovered that drinking roselle tea regularly can help reduce the total cholesterol and triglyceride values in the blood of the human body, and achieve the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. According to the local newspaper of Mexico, the affiliated hospital of the Mexican Social Insurance Association conducted a trial on 40 cardiovascular disease patients aged 40 to 62. These patients were older, had less exercise, were addicted to smoking or had a genetic history of hypertension. Therefore, the total cholesterol value or triglyceride value greatly exceeded the normal standard. Under the guidance of the researcher, the above patients insisted on drinking roselle tea every day. Three months later, the examination found that the patient's total cholesterol value decreased by 35.4% on average, and the triglyceride value decreased by 18.9%, while the "scavenger" reputation of high-density lipoprotein increased by 10%, enhancing the ability to clear cholesterol. The researchers also found that drinking rose eggplant tea can also play a role in reducing weight. 95% of patients lost 1 to 3 kg of weight. Drinking some rose eggplants in summer can also clear away heat.