Rosemary Extract
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Rosemary Extract

Product name: Rosemary Extract
Used Part:stems and leaves
Molecular Formula: C9H8O4
Molecular Weight: 180.16
CAS No.:331-39-5
Active Ingredient: Rosemary acid
Extraction method: Water extract
Appearance: Yellow-green to yellowish powder

Natural rosemary extract description

The main components of rosemary extract are rosemary phenol, sage phenol and rat tail oxalic acid. The main components of rosemary extract have strong antioxidant activity. It has obvious effect in preventing oil oxidation and maintaining meat flavor.

Rosemary introduction

Rosemary, also known as You'an Grass, is a plant of Salvia in Labiatae, an evergreen small shrub, native to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean coast, and has been planted in Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Fujian and other provinces and regions in China in recent years. Rosemary is a multipurpose cash crop, from which antioxidant and rosemary essential oil can be extracted. The main components of antioxidants are diterpenoids, flavonoids, triterpenoids and other compounds with antioxidant function; Rosemary essential oil is a liquid oil composed of more than 30 volatile components.

Rosemary extract has high efficiency, safety and other characteristics, and is widely used in cosmetics, perfume, soaps, air fresheners, insect repellents, various animal and vegetable fats, animal feeds, meat products, seafood, flour, sauce, condiments, baked food, fried products, natural pigments, essence, biological pesticides, tobacco and other fields, in particular, it can treat blood malignancies, cardiovascular diseases, anti-cancer, inhibit HIV infection, treat dyspepsia, prevent Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, hyperuricemia and respiratory diseases, etc., bringing many conveniences to production and life. In Europe, rosemary has a long history as a food spice and has been used in cosmetics, food and medicine. The existing research shows that rosemary has obvious effects in preventing oil oxidation and maintaining meat flavor. Japan has developed a series of rosemary antioxidant products.

Organic rosemary leaf extract function and application

1. Rosemary extract has a good effect of relieving cough and asthma, so it also has a good therapeutic effect on asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

2. Rosemary extract can be used as a spice. The pine fragrance in rosemary can mask the fishy smell in meat products. It is often used in cooking beef and mutton.

3. Rosemary extract has the functions of promoting blood circulation, promoting metabolism, reducing blood sugar, preventing atherosclerosis, improving memory, beautifying, lowering cholesterol and reducing weight.