Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder
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Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder

Product name: Royal jelly lyophilized powder
CAS No.: 8031-67-2
CB No.: CB8366548
Specification: Royal jelly lyophilized powder (containing 6% sunflower enolic acid)
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder
Odor: Aromatic odor
Storage conditions: sealed, shaded and stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated (moisture-proof) place.
Shelf life: valid for two years

Lyophilized royal jelly powder description

When fresh royal jelly expires during the production process, some impurities will inevitably be mixed in. Therefore, it is necessary to filter and remove impurities during the production of royal jelly lyophilized powder. The specific operation is to add an equal amount of sterile distilled water to fresh royal jelly, stir well, and then filter it through a filter (100 mesh) to remove impurities. The liquid obtained after filtration is pure royal jelly solution.

Lyophilized royal jelly powder function and application

1. Royal jelly has a sour and sweet taste and is flat. It enters the spleen and liver meridians and has the effect of nourishing, strengthening, benefiting the liver and spleen; it is used to treat post-illness weakness, malnutrition in children, senile body failure, infectious hepatitis, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, duodenal ulcer and other diseases.

2. Royal jelly can effectively moisten dryness and defecate. The vast majority of patients with habitual constipation can basically get rid of constipation if they adhere to long-term oral intake of sufficient bee milk.

3. Royal jelly can significantly enhance the body's resistance to many disease-causing factors, promote the regeneration and repair of internal organs and tissues, regulate endocrine and metabolism, effectively enhance appetite, improve sleep, and promote growth and development. It has a strong health care function and medical effect on the human body.

4. Royal jelly can enhance body resistance and promote growth. Oral administration or injection can increase red blood cell diameter and reticulocyte hemoglobin, significantly increase blood iron content and platelet count.

5. Long-term use of royal jelly can improve appetite and enhance physical fitness.