Sage Essential Oil Main Efficacy and Usage
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Sage Essential Oil Main Efficacy and Usage

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Sage Essential Oil is a kind of essential oil extracted from dried Salvia leaves by steam distillation. The salvia essential oil produced with salvia has the effects of removing milk, resisting rheumatism, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiperspirant, appetizing, astringent, promoting wound scarring, purifying, diuretic, menstruating, benefiting the liver, regulating blood pressure, and tonifying the body. However, it cannot be used during pregnancy and lactation, because it can promote menstruation and lactation, and may also lead to uterine spasm.

Salvia usually has purple green leaves and blue flowers, but there are also many other species of Salvia. It can grow to about 69cm high. It is wild in Yugoslavia and

Clary Sage Essential Oil Nature

Salvia essential oil is a light yellow green nearly colorless liquid with strong vanilla smell and water like viscosity.

Organic Clary Sage Oil Extraction Method

Salvia essential oil is extracted from dry leaves by steam distillation, and the oil yield is about 1%.sage essential oil buy herb-key

Pure Sage Oil Related Myths

The Chinese are very good at using sage and think it can cure infertility. The Romans believed that it could cure all difficult and miscellaneous diseases and regarded it as a magical plant. The Latin radical Salvare of Salvia refers to "treatment" or "rescue". It is often associated with "wisdom" and "longevity". For centuries, it has been a highly respected herb.

In the Middle Ages, sage was one of the tonic ingredients of the nervous system, and the plant itself was also used to clean gums and whiten teeth. Before Chinese tea and Indian tea were imported to Britain, sage tea was always the most popular drink. Its essential oil is usually used in men's perfume.

White Sage Oil Main Efficacy

1. Psychotherapeutic effect

With a very small dose, it has a sedative effect on the nerves, because it can relieve the parasympathetic nerves, and it is suitable for fatigue, depression and sadness. Make the reaction faster and improve the memory obviously.

2. Physical effects

It is very beneficial to the female reproductive system because it is very similar to estrogen and can regulate the menstrual cycle and help to conceive. It is also very helpful for menopausal problems, especially frequent sweating. It can also cure vaginal candidiasis.

The tonic of the digestive system is especially helpful to improve the poor appetite or when the meat intake is excessive. It can also improve constipation and help urine flow; It is good for liver and kidney. It also has effect on water retention and obesity.

It can purify the mucous membrane of the jaw, throat and stomach, and is also effective for oral ulcer and gingivitis.

Promote the flow of lymph, so it should also help gland disorders. It can purify the circulatory system and significantly increase the low blood pressure.

It can improve the common cold, inflammation of mucous membrane, bronchitis and bacterial infection, effectively inhibit sweating, and has better effect when mixed with bay leaf essential oil. However, this prescription has strong efficacy and should be used carefully.

Its analgesic effect is very helpful to the muscles that are overtired or tired. It can also treat fibrositis (a kind of muscle inflammation) and torticollis (general neck stiffness), and improve the condition of trembling and paralysis.

3. Skin effect

It is beneficial to stop bleeding from cuts or other wounds and promote the formation of scars. It is also helpful for large pores. Skin problems such as sore, eczema, psoriasis, and ulcers can be improved. Salvia plant itself can give dark hair color and light, and its essential oil should have the same effect.

Drop a few drops of sage essential oil into the hot water of pickled feet to activate blood channels and remove beriberi and foot odor.

Wild Sage Oil Main Usage

1. Incense from incense burner and evaporator

2. Make compound massage oil or dilute it for use in the bathtub

3. Ingredients for making face cream or moisturizer