Sage Essential Oil
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Sage Essential Oil

Product Name:sage essential oil
CAS NO.:8022-56-8

Clary sage essential oil properties

Sage essential oil is a pale yellow-green near colorless liquid with a strong vanilla odor and a water-like viscosity.

Clary sage essential oil extraction method

Sage essential oil is extracted from dried leaves by steam distillation, and the oil yield is about 1%.

Clary sage essential oil main effect

1. Mental healing:

In very small doses, it has a calming effect on the nerves, as it relieves the parasympathetic nerves, and it is suitable for states of exhaustion, depression and sadness. Make the reaction faster, significantly enhance memory.

2. Physical benefits:

It is extremely beneficial to the female reproductive system because it is very similar to estrogen and can regulate the menstrual cycle and help conception. It is also very helpful for menopause problems, especially frequent sweating. It can also treat vaginal Candida infections.

A tonic for the digestive system, especially useful for poor appetite, or when eating too much meat. It can also improve constipation and help the flow of urine; it has certain benefits for the liver and kidneys. It is also effective against water retention and obesity.

Cleanses the mucous membranes of the jaw, throat, and stomach, and it is also effective for mouth ulcers and gum inflammation.

Promotes the flow of lymph, so it should also help with gland disorders. It has the function of purifying the circulatory system and it can significantly increase the blood pressure that is too low.

For common colds, mucous membrane inflammation, bronchitis and bacterial infections, it can improve, effectively inhibit sweating, and it is better to use it in harmony with bay leaf essential oil, but this prescription is strong and should be used with caution.

Its pain-relieving properties are helpful for overworked or tired muscles. It can also treat fibromytitis (an inflammation of the muscles) and torticollis (a general stiffness of the neck), improving tremors and paralysis.

3. Skin effect:

It is beneficial to stop bleeding from cuts or other wounds and promote the formation of scars. It is also helpful for large pores. Skin problems such as sore, eczema, psoriasis, and ulcers can be improved. Salvia plant itself can give dark hair color and light, and its essential oil should have the same effect.

Drop a few drops of sage essential oil into the hot water of pickled feet to activate blood channels and remove beriberi and foot odor.

Clary sage essential oil Main usage

1. Incense from incense burner and evaporator

2. Make compound massage oil or dilute it for use in the bathtub

3. Ingredients for facial cream or skin cream