Salvia Officinalis Extract
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Salvia Officinalis Extract

Product name:Salvia officinalis extract
CAS No.:3650-09-7
Used Part: leaves
Active Ingredient: Carnosic acid
Specification: 95% 98%
Extraction method: Water extract
Appearance: Yellow-green powder

Salvia officinalis extract product description

Salvia extract is extracted from Salvia labiata. It contains volatile oil, polysaccharide, alkaloid and other active components. Salvia essential oil is a kind of component with wide biological activity. It is mainly used in many industries, such as food, beverage, cosmetics, cigarettes, toothpaste, medicine, meat products and so on. Salvia extract has estrogen like effect. It is used to alleviate dysmenorrhea and menopausal disorders, inhibit and remove platelet aggregation, improve the body's ability to withstand hypoxia, expand coronary arteries, increase coronary flow, improve microcirculation, protect the heart, and also has anti hepatitis, anti parasite, anti-virus and anti-tumor effects.

Salvia officinalis leaf extract function and application

1. It has the effect of nourishing the face and beauty, can eliminate the oil in the body, help circulation, and has the effect of anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial and anti diarrhea. It contains estrogen, which should be avoided by pregnant women.

2. It is especially beneficial to improve poor appetite and constipation, and can also play an effect on obesity.

3. The plant phenols contained in sage can resist bacterial and fungal infections, and its plant essential oil can also soothe, regulate skin texture and resist oxidation.

4. Salvia Officinalis is suitable for dealing with climacteric syndrome. It can regulate body and mind, and help anxious and bored women slowly find a happy mood.