Sapindoside Powder
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Sapindoside Powder

Product name:Sapindoside Powder
Used part: peel of deciduous tree saparilla seeds
Molecular Formula:C58H94O26
CAS No.:223748-41-2
Color: Brown, Light yellow, off white
Storage: sealed and shaded

Sapindus mukorossi fruit extract product description

Sapindoside powder is a wild deciduous tree sapindusmukorossigareth.The main surface active components of the peel extract are triterpenoid saponins.

Sapindus mukorossi peel extract function  and application

1. Sapindoside powder can improve acne.

2. Sapindoside powder reduces wrinkles.

3. It can improve skin quality and has good antioxidant effect.

4. Sapindoside powder has skin bacteriostasis effect.