Scutellaria baicalensis benefits, precautions & clinical application
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Scutellaria baicalensis benefits, precautions & clinical application

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Scutellaria baicalensis is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in China. It is a perennial herb. This product is the dried root of Scutellaria baicalensis. It has a long history of application, wide distribution, large output and large dosage, and is one of the major Chinese medicinal materials in the country. It's bitter in taste and cold in nature. 

Scutellaria baicalensis belongs to the lung, spleen, gallbladder, and large intestine meridians. It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxifying, hemostasis, and tocolysis. Because of its outstanding antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, astragalus has been widely developed and has become one of the most powerful varieties of traditional Chinese medicine.

Baicalensis extract efficacy and role

1. Clear heat and dry dampnessbaicalensis extract for sale -HerbKey

Huangcen Pian is a kind of Chinese patent medicine with bitter taste and cold nature. It can clear the accumulated heat in the human body and prevent the accumulation of damp heat and poisonous gas in the human body. In daily life, people experience body heat, chest tightness and pain, and yellow and greasy tongue coating. In case of adverse symptoms, Scutellaria baicalensis tablets can be taken in time, which can expel the poisonous gas from the body as soon as possible, and can also reduce the discomfort symptoms in the human body quickly.

2. Antipyretic and pain relief

Scutellaria baicalensis tablets are rich in baicalin or scutellaria baicalensis. These are all natural medicinal ingredients, which can directly act on the nerve center of human beings, and have obvious antipyretic effects. Usually people have high fever, or high body temperature due to colds. Scutellaria baicalensis tablets can be taken directly, it can make the body temperature return to normal as soon as possible, and can also play a significant pain relief effect.

3. Purging fire and detoxification

Scutellaria baicalensis, the raw material used in Scutellaria baicalensis tablets, is a kind of Chinese medicinal material with cold and cool properties. It has obvious fire-releasing effect, can prevent toxins from accumulating and staying in the body, and has obvious effects on carbuncles and sores caused by excessive toxins in the human body. , When needed, you can take Scutellaria baicalensis tablets together with Coptis chinensis tablets, which can make it more effective in purging fire and detoxifying.

4. Cool blood to stop bleeding

Cooling blood to stop bleeding is also the main effect of Scutellaria baicalensis tablets. It can not only clear heat and detoxify, clear away heat and purify fire, but also cool blood and stop bleeding. It can stop bleeding as soon as possible, and it can also discharge heat toxins from the body, and the symptoms of blood heat can also be alleviated.

Contraindications of baicalensis root extract

1. People with spleen and stomach deficiency

Those with spleen and stomach deficiency in life are not suitable to drink Scutellaria baicalensis, because Scutellaria baicalensis itself is a kind of cold drink. After drinking it, people will absorb too much cold ingredients, which will easily aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency and affect. People's digestive function can also cause people to experience uncomfortable symptoms such as cold abdominal pain.

2. Children

Younger children in life cannot drink Scutellaria baicalensis, because children's bodies are in the developing period and need to continuously absorb trace elements of iron, but they will absorb a large amount of tea polyphenols when they drink Scutellaria baicalensis, and after tea polyphenols enter their bodies, it will affect Their body's absorption of the trace element iron will easily lead to iron-deficiency anemia in children after a long time, which will adversely affect their physical growth and development.

Scutellaria baicalensis clinical application

1. It is used for damp-heat fever, chest tightness, thirst and unwillingness to drink, as well as damp-heat diarrhea and jaundice. For damp-heat fever, it can be used in combination with talc, Bai Kou Ren, Poria, etc.; for damp-heat diarrhea and abdominal pain, it can be used with white peony root, pueraria, and licorice. Leaves are equivalent.

2. It is used for high fever and polydipsia due to fever, or cough due to lung heat, or excessive heat forcing blood to overflow and heat toxin sores, etc. For treating fever and high fever, it is often used in combination with Coptis chinensis and Gardenia; for cough due to lung heat, it can be used with Zhimu and Morus alba; for blood heat, it can be used with Shengdi, Cortex Moutan, and Arborvitae. It can be used together with honeysuckle, forsythia and other medicines for heat and poisonous sores.