Sea Buckthorn Powder
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Sea Buckthorn Powder

Product name: Sea buckthorn powder
Latin name: Hippophae rhamnoides.L
Appearance: Yellow or orange yellow powder
Specification: 80 mesh
Used part: Fruit
Grade: Food and beverage
Test Method: TLC

Seabuckthorn introduction

Seabuckthorn is a precious economic forest tree species that contains the most natural vitamins in the world. Its vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh jujube and kiwi fruit, so it is known as a treasure house of natural vitamins. It is reported that every 100g of seabuckthorn juice contains 500mg-400mg of vitamin C, 250mg-400mg of vitamin E, 0.05mg-0.3mg of vitamin B1, 0.03mg-0.15mg of vitamin B2, 0.2mg-0.88mg of vitamin B12, 115mg of vitamin K and 20mg-350mg of vitamin P. Seabuckthorn has high nutritional value, ecological value and economic value, especially plays an important role in the construction of "Three North" shelterbelts. China is the country with the largest seabuckthorn resources in the world, mainly distributed in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China, with Shanxi Province having the largest distribution.

Organic sea buckthorn extract efficacy and function

Seabuckthorn fruit powder has the effect of supplementing vitamins. Seabuckthorn fruit powder contains a variety of nutrients, so its nutritional value is very high. Seabuckthorn fruit powder contains natural vitamin C, protein and amino acid, vitamin E, vitamin K, seabuckthorn polysaccharide, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, seabuckthorn flavonoids, vitamin P, carotenoids, phytosterols, phospholipids, unsaturated fatty acids, organic acids, carbon and water compounds and trace elements.

Seabuckthorn fruit powder can effectively regulate our gastrointestinal function. Seabuckthorn fruit powder can also protect our liver, prevent liver cirrhosis, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and prevent tumors and cancer. Seabuckthorn fruit powder can prevent the formation of atherosclerosis. Seabuckthorn fruit powder can also reduce low density lipoprotein and increase high density lipoprotein; Clean the sediment in our blood vessel wall, promote metabolism, and improve the immunity of the human body. It can relieve cough and asthma, dissipate phlegm and benefit the lung, dredge blood vessels, and open microcirculation.

Seabuckthorn fruit powder can be used not only for eating but also for making facial mask. Seabuckthorn fruit powder contains the original vitamin C, carotenoid, brass and other nutrients in seabuckthorn juice, which can play the role of antioxidation and elimination of free radicals on cell membrane. Seabuckthorn fruit powder can also promote the metabolism of our body, play a role in beautifying the skin and reducing chloasma.

Sea buckthorn fruit extract taboo

1. People who are allergic to seabuckthorn are not suitable to eat seabuckthorn fruit powder, otherwise there will be different degrees of side effects. It affects the health of these people.

2. Seabuckthorn fruit powder is good for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and liver disease, but also has certain side effects, so these patients should eat seabuckthorn fruit powder under the guidance of doctors.

3. The elderly or children who are old and weak should eat seabuckthorn fruit powder under the guidance of the doctor, otherwise if the way of eating seabuckthorn fruit powder is improper, it will affect their health.

4. After eating seabuckthorn fruit powder, you should not eat raw, cold, greasy, spicy food, nor smoke or drink. The diet should be changed to light. Seabuckthorn fruit powder should not be taken with other nourishing traditional Chinese medicine.

5. People with heat constitution should be careful when eating seabuckthorn fruit, which may cause discomfort.