Phoenix Sea Cucumber Extract
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Phoenix Sea Cucumber Extract

CBN No.: CB03120994
Latin name: Apostichopus japonicus
Technical index: brownish gray powder; with the characteristic fishy smell of sea cucumber, without mold, odor and impurities.
Storage: placed in a cool, dry, light-proof and high temperature place.
Content specification: lyophilized powder, raw powder, 98% sea cucumber peptide, 60% polysaccharide
Molecular weight: Protein molecular weight less than 1000Da
Product particle size: 80 mesh
Shelf life: 24 months


Phoenix Sea Cucumber Extract Description

Sea cucumber extract is prepared from fresh sea cucumber, the main components contain 98% sea cucumber peptide and 60% polysaccharide. It is widely used in food industry and cosmetic industry.

Phoenix Sea Cucumber Extract Function and Application

1. Sea cucumber extracts are prepared into health food, food additives or drugs by conventional methods, including tablets, granules, capsules, drops, dispersible tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, pills, oral liquid or compound preparations. The preparation of the above types of health food, food additives or drugs is a conventional technology and widely used.

2. Make the skin delicate, smooth and bright.

3. Has obvious anti-aging effect.

4. Good moisturizing effect.

5.Enhance skin metabolism and significantly improve facial microcirculation.

6. Activate epidermal cells and regulate physiological functions.

7. Enhance skin immunity and prevent volume-destroying skin diseases.

8. Sea cucumber and its egg cells contain a variety of biological enzymes and enzyme β-carotene.

9. Anti-radiation, UV protection, sun protection and whitening.