Hippocampus Extract Powder
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Hippocampus Extract Powder

English Synonyms: Seahorse extract; Hippocampus extract; Hippocampal extract
CB No.: CB43385852
Extraction source: Animalia suborder Saltasaurus and Saltasaurus family
Latin name: Seahorse
Extract Specification: 10:1 20:1 30:1
Appearance characteristics: brown to light brown powder
Properties and taste: sweet and warm.
Storage conditions: placed in a cool, dry place, sealed, stored at room temperature
Shelf life: two years

Hippocampus Extract Powder Product Description

Efficacy and function of seahorse extract: tonifying the kidneys and strengthening the yang, dispelling blood stasis and clearing the channels. It is powerful and nutritious, and its function is roughly the same as that of sea dragon.

Hippocampus Extract Powder Function and Application

1. Sex hormone-like effect

Increasing sex hormone levels is good for anti-aging. Experiments have shown that the hippocampus is effective in both male and female laboratory animals and is also a good way to help reduce sexual dysfunction. In addition, the hippocampus can improve symptoms caused by decreased hormone levels during menopause. The results showed that ethanolic extract of seahorse from the striatum prolonged estrus in normal female mice, and de-ovulated mice could develop estrus and increase ovarian weight in normal mice. The seahorse extract had androgen-like effects that were stronger than those of gecko.

2. Taking hippocampus has the effect of delaying aging. Since ancient times, the hippocampus has developed into a recognized tonic for the kidneys to prolong life. Modern animal experiments have also proved that seahorse powder, soup or wine infusion can slow down aging. It has good health effects on middle-aged and elderly people. Hippocampus can prolong the hypoxia and survival time of mice (NIH male mice), prolong the swimming time of mice, show better anti-stress ability, enhance physical fitness and resistance to adverse external stimuli, and enhance the memory of animals. Hippocampus has a significant effect on MAO-B (monoamine oxidase B) activity and lipid peroxidation. Pharmacological experiments showed that the swimming time of mice was significantly prolonged and could resist the adverse effects of thymus contraction in mice, showing the tonic effect of the preparation.

3. Anti-fatigue

Hippocampus improves arousal, accelerates recovery from fatigue, and gives energy when taken. It can also be used to improve fatigue and dizziness during school age.