Securinol A
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Securinol A

Product Name:Securinol A
CAS NO.:5008-48-0
Molecular formula:C13H17NO3
Molecular weight:235.28

Securinol A Powder Description

One of three closely related alkaloid isolated from Securinega suffructicosa, the base has [α]17D + 58.2° (c 0.14, CHC13) or + 50° (dioxan). It yields a crystalline picrate, m.p. l86-7°C (dec.), and a 3: 5-dinitrobenzoate, m.p. 198-9°C;[α]17D + 55.3° (c 0.10, CHC13). On hydrogenation with Pt02 in AcOH it gives the dihydro derivative, forming a hydrochloride, m.p. 241- 2°C. When treated with methylsulphonyl chloride in pyridine, the base furnishes viroallosecurinine, m.p. 133- 4°C; [α]D + 1200° (c 0.01, EtOH).