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Product name: Seneciphylline
CAS NO.: 480-81-9
Molecular formula: C18H23NO5
Molecular weight: 333.38
Purity: HPLC ≥ 98%
Storage condition: 2-8℃

Seneciphylline description

Seneciphylline is a pyrrole alkaloid compound with small rhombic crystals. It is easily soluble in chloroform and ethylene chloride, slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone, and difficult to dissolve in ether and petroleum ether. The dried whole grass of Senecio, which is derived from Senecio in the composite family, has a spasmolysis effect in animal experiments, and has a strong spasmolysis effect on the spasm of rat and rabbit intestines in vitro caused by carbachol.

Seneciphylline function and application

1. Seneciphylline has the function of coagulation and hemostasis.

2. Vanilla contained in seneciphylline has antitussive effect.

3. Seneciphylline has inhibitory effect on Wacker sarcoma W256.