Shallot Powder
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Shallot Powder

Product name: shallot powder
Specification: 100 mesh
Appearance: light green powder
Storage: cool and dry place
Shelf life: one year
Grade: food grade

Dried shallot powder description

Shallot powder is made by people who dehydrate and dry fresh shallots and then crush them. Shallot is a commonly used seasoning, which has the effect of stimulating the body's digestion, improving appetite, removing fishy taste of meat, enhancing fragrance and freshness. It is widely used in the food field.

Onion shallot powder function and application

1. It can be used in meat products, puffed food, instant noodles, curry powder, pickled food, baked food, sauce, soup, fish, all kinds of seasoning powder, catering industry and seasoning tomato sauce.

2. Shallot powder can stimulate digestion and enhance appetite.

Organic shallot powder use

Scallion is a common seasoning, which has the effect of stimulating the digestion of the body, improving appetite, and removing the fishy smell of meat, increasing flavor and freshness. Not only can it be directly used as a seasoning dip, but it can also be used to make a variety of foods such as crispy anchovy shrimp, scallion pancakes, meatballs, and peanuts. For ease of use, people dehydrate and dry fresh shallots and pulverize them into shallot powder. Chive powder is suitable for decoration of all kinds of salty bread, making salty chiffon cake, and barbecue seasoning.

Shallot powder preparation method

Beat the fresh shallot, add 67% (v/v) ethanol aqueous solution three times the weight of the fresh shallot solution, soak it at 30 ℃ for 2 hours, and obtain the fresh shallot extract after pressure filtration, add the fresh shallot extract of its weight 2 times in the salt, and add respectively the beta-cyclodextrin of 5% salt weight, the maltodextrin of 7.5% and the monosodium glutamate of 5%. Boil, heat and concentrate, stir while heating, and the circumferential speed of the outer edge of the paddle of the anchor stirrer is 0.6m/s until the water is dried and the material is completely crystallized. Crush the embedded material of the co-crystallization of the shallot salt, pass the 30-mesh sieve, weigh, and bottle to prepare the finished product of the shallot powder.