Sheep Placenta Extract
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Sheep Placenta Extract

Product name: Sheep placenta extract
Appearance: brownish yellow powder
Extraction source: sheep placenta
Product properties: fine powder, gray-light pink, good fluidity
Odor: has a peculiar fishy smell
Product specification: 120 mesh, 300 mesh
Expiration date: more than two years
Storage: away from light and dry place

Sheep Placenta Extract description

Sheep fetoprotein is a kind of cell containing particularly rich active substance extracted from the embryos of lambs that are about 5 months old in the mothers of high mountain black sheep at an altitude of more than 4000 meters. There are two kinds: sheep placenta and sheep embryo.

Sheep Placenta Extract function and application

1. The active factors contained in sheep placenta can promote cell division, relieve skin aging, moisturize skin, rejuvenate skin with hot compresses and anti-wrinkles.

2. sheep placenta can also improve the function of the immune system: promote internal metabolism and accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body.

3. promoting blood circulation in the brain, hand and foot blood system and preventing atherosclerosis.

4. relieves symptoms such as plant nerve disorders, headaches, joint pain and neuralgia.

5. Enhancing resistance to disease and preventing the onset of colds and flu.