Shikonin Powder
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Shikonin Powder

Product name: Shikonin
Appearance: Purple crystalline powder
Alias: Alkannin
Molecular formula: C16H16O5
Molecular weight: 288.2952
CAS NO.: 517-89-5

Shikonin Powder description

Lithospermum is the dry root of Arnebiaeuchroma (Royle) johnst. or ArnebiaguttataBunge., a perennial herb in the family arnebiaceae. It is also known as Zidan, rehmannia, corydalis, Arnebia, Arnebia Root, etc. It mainly contains naphthoquinones and other components, including shikonin and shikonin polysaccharides. At present, the Lithospermum used as medicinal materials are mainly: "soft Lithospermum", "hard Lithospermum", "Inner Mongolia Lithospermum".

Shikonin powder function and application

1. Shikonin can be used as edible purple pigment. It is used for coloring spicy meat and poultry cans, with the dosage of 0.35 ~ 0.56g/kg.

2. Shikonin has hypoglycemic effect, bacteriostasis and anti-tumor effect.

3. Shikonin has strong scavenging ability for DPPH and o2- and can significantly inhibit it β- Carotene or linoleic acid autoxidation system.