Silk Fibroin Powder
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Silk Fibroin Powder

Product name: Silk Fibroin Powder
Synonym: Silk powder
CAS No.:96690-41-4
Specification: 80-120mesh
Appearance: White or slight grayish yellow powders
Grade: Cosmestics Ingredients

Silk fibroin powder product description

Silk fibroin, also known as silk protein, is a structural protein extracted from natural polymer silk. Silk fibroin has good biocompatibility and excellent mechanical properties, so it has a broad application prospect in the field of biomedical materials. Silk fibroin derivatives used in cosmetics include silk powder, silk peptide and silk amino acid.

Silk fibroin function and application

1. Silk fibroin is a natural high molecular fibrin extracted from silk, accounting for about 70% ~ 80% of silk. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, of which leucine can accelerate cell metabolism, serine and threonine can delay skin aging, and tryptophan and tyrosine can absorb ultraviolet rays.

2. Silk fibroin has outstanding structure and composition, which is very similar to human skin. The film made of silk fibroin has the reputation of "second skin" of human body.

3. As a biological regeneration material, silk fibroin has low immunogenicity, adheres to cells and guides growth. It can induce the production of autologous soft tissue, and can be completely degraded. The degradation time can also be adjusted. It is an ideal medical and aesthetic regeneration material.