Smilax Tuckahoe Extract
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Smilax Tuckahoe Extract

Product Name:Smilax tuckahoe extract
Alias: Smilax glabra extract
Appearance:Brownish yellow powder
Extract part: Rhizome
Extraction solvent: Water

Smilax tuckahoe extract plant source

Smilax smilax is a climbing shrub of Liliaceae and Smilax genus; The rhizome is thick and blocky, with smooth branches and no thorns. The leaves are leathery, narrowly elliptical lanceolate to narrowly ovate lanceolate, with the apex gradually pointed, usually green below, and tendrils. The shedding point is located near the top. Umbrella shaped inflorescence, with a total peduncle usually significantly shorter than the petiole, rarely nearly as long as the petiole; There is a bud between the total peduncle and the petiole; The inflorescence receptacle is enlarged, the bracteoles are more or less lotus like, the flowers are greenish white, hexagonal spherical, the outer Tepal of the male flower is nearly oblate, cucullate, and the inner Tepal is nearly circular, with irregular teeth on the edge; Stamens close together, filaments extremely short; The appearance of female flowers is similar to that of male flowers, with purple black berries and pink frost when ripe. The flowering period is from July to November, and the fruiting period is from November to April of the following year.

It is distributed in Gansu (southern) and various provinces and regions south of the Yangtze River Basin in China, as far as Taiwan, Hainan Island, and Yunnan; It is also distributed in Vietnam, Thailand, and India. It grows in forests, shrubs, riverbanks, or valleys below an altitude of 1800 meters, and is also found in forest edges and sparse forests.

The thick rhizome of Poria cocos is used as medicine, with a sweet and smooth nature, promoting dampness and heat detoxification, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and rich in starch. It can be used to make pastries or wine.

Smilax tuckahoe extract chemical composition

This product contains smilax saponins, tigogenin and tannins.

Smilax tuckahoe extract indications

Dehumidification, detoxification, heat-clearing, sharp joints. It is also used for muscle and bone spasms, scrofula, and sores.

Smilax tuckahoe extract purpose

The extract of Tuckahoe can be combined with medicaments or food approved excipients to make various dosage forms such as capsule, tablet, powder, oral liquid, soft capsule, pill, gel, sustained-release preparation, etc.