Sodium Diacetate
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Sodium Diacetate

Product Name: Sodium diacetate
CAS NO.: 126-96-5
Molecular formula: C2H5NaO2
Molecular weight: 84.05
EINECS NO.: 204-814-9
Appearance:White crystal powder
Storage condition: room temperature

Sodium diacetate description

Sodium diacetate is a molecular compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid, abbreviated as SDA, also known as sodium hydrogen diacetate and sodium diacetate. The appearance is white crystal powder, with moisture absorption and slight acetic acid odor. Flammable, easily soluble in water and ethanol.

Sodium diacetate function and application

Sodium diacetate is a multifunctional edible chemical. It is mainly used as a preservative, mold inhibitor, chelating agent, flavoring agent, pH regulator, meat product preservative in food and feed industry, and it is also the main ingredient of compound mold inhibitor.