Sodium Erythorbate
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Sodium Erythorbate

Product Name: Sodium erythorbate
CAS NO.: 6381-77-7
Molecular formula: C6H7NaO6
Molecular weight: 198.11
EINECS NO.: 228-973-9
Appearance:White to yellowish white crystal particles or crystal powder
Storage condition: Sealed in dry, Room Temperature

Sodium erythorbate description

The appearance of the product is white to yellowish white crystal particles or crystal powder, odorless and slightly salty. The melting point is above 200 ℃, and it is quite stable when exposed to the air in a dry state. However, in the aqueous solution, when there is air, metal, heat and light, oxidation occurs. It is easily soluble in water (55g / 100ml) and almost insoluble in ethanol. The pH value of 2% aqueous solution is 6.5-8.0.

Sodium erythorbate function and application

It is mainly used in the food industry and as an antioxidant of food. It is widely used in meat food, fish food, beer, fruit juice, fruit juice crystal, canned fruits and vegetables, cakes, dairy products, jam, wine, pickles, oil, etc.