Soybean Phospholipid (for Injection) (medicinal Excipients)
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Soybean Phospholipid (for Injection) (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Soybean phospholipid (for injection) (medicinal excipients)
Synonym: Soy lecithin
CAS No.: 8002-43-5
Molecular Formula: C42H80NO8P 
Molecular Weight:758.0603
Product Specification: 1KG
Grade: Pharmaceutical grade
Color: light yellow, off-white
Appearance: semi-solid

Soy lecithin phospholipids product description

Soybean phospholipids are extracted from soybeans to refine the phospholipid mixture. According to the calculation of anhydrous substances, containing nitrogen (N) should be 1.5% to 2.0%, phosphorus (P) shall not be less than 2.7%, phosphatidylcholine shall not be less than 45.0%, phosphatidylethanolamine shall not be more than 30.0%, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine total shall not be less than 70%.

Soybean phospholipid function and application

1. Soybean phospholipid can be used in pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical excipients for injection drug delivery preparations: emulsifiers, liposome targeting agents, solubilizers, synergists and other applications, penicillin, artificial blood additives.

2. Cosmetic ingredients embedded emulsifier, targeting long-acting agents, solubilizers, transdermal absorption enhancers, dispersants and other applications, the addition of effective ingredients.