Spermidine Powder
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Spermidine Powder

Product name: Spermidine powder
Appearance: White crystal powder
CAS No.:124-20-9
Molecular Weight: 145.2
Molecular Formula: C7H19N3

Spermidine powder product description

Spermidine, also known as spermidine hydrochloride, is a polyamine. It is widely distributed in organisms and is synthesized by putrescine (butylene diamine) and adenosylmethionine. Spermidine can inhibit neuronal synthase, bind and precipitate DNA; It can also be used to purify DNA binding protein and stimulate T4 polynucleotide kinase activity.

Spermidine powder function and application

1. Delay aging and prolong life. Spermidine inhibits oxidative stress and necrosis.

2. Anti cancer. Spermidine supplementation can reduce tumorigenesis.

3. Protect cardiovascular system. Spermidine protects the heart.

4. Regulate and protect nerves. Oral spermidine can slow down the progress of disease, reduce the damage of retinal ganglion cells and improve visual function. At the same time, spermidine can regulate and protect nerves.